About us

We are a tax consultancy having our registered office in Hamburg. We have approximately 20 employees. We all share a holistic, value-oriented approach, taking into account the whole range of fiscal, economic and legal aspects when developing solutions.

Long-term relationships

We attach particular importance to achieving a relationship with our clients which is based on mutual trust, long-term durability and lasting success. We mainly serve medium-sized enterprises, many of which are family-owned or owner-managed companies. The sizes of the enterprises are just as diverse as the economic sectors served.

Our clients include large, internationally oriented trading companies as well as service providers, business enterprises and private individuals. And last but not least, foundations and associations are also part of our client base.

What really matters

Our strong customer focus and a long-standing, naturally evolved orientation toward small and medium-sized businesses have characterized the distinct full-service character of our range of services. Our advisory services are not primarily targeted at specific projects or products. By consistently focusing on sustainability, we are able to offer solutions which – unlike some trends in the world of finance - will still be valid tomorrow. Those views are also shared by our clients. After all, we have worked with most of them for many decades.